Dramatic Combat Courses

Dramatic Combat ( ‘stage combat’) is frequently used in Performance Capture, Film, Theatre and Live Events.

Captivate Action offers a range of regular dramatic combat training in Australia and the U.K., with weekend courses, evening course, intensives and BADC Certification Courses.

Why should I train in ‘Stage Combat’?

When working in film, theater and mocap, any action or fight sequence inherently has a risk of injury.  No matter what kind of action you are performing, there are two main factors we need: Keep it SAFE, Make it EFFECTIVE.

Training in dramatic combat lets you give your best performance, look convincing in action and respond to what is asked of you from a director or fight co-ordinator.  Most importantly you can do all this while keeping yourself and others safe, so you are ready for the next take, the next scene, the next day and the next job.

Besides from learning the vital techniques of ‘illusion’ and fighting form, training dramatically enhances your movement, conditioning, awareness, and partner skills – so overall it absolutely widens your work potential.


Your next opportunities to train:

AUTUMN INTENSIVE – BADC Advanced / Intermediate Course


Times: Monday to Friday, 13th to 24th November 2017.

Location: London, U.K.

What is it?:  The action steps up! Two weeks of intensive training takes you further into the craft of performing action for film, stage and motion capture.  This course offers industry-recognised training to those with a current BADC Certification.



FIGHT FOCUS Weekly evening classes: QUARTERSTAFF

Times: Friday evenings, 28th July to 25th August 2017.  6:30pm to 9:30pm

Location: Melbourne, Australia.

What is it?:  A chance for ongoing, regular training in DRAMATIC COMBAT and ACTION for stage, screen and motion capture. A form of STAFF is used across a range of genres, cultures and historical periods in film and TV.  This series will train you in the techniques for using this kind of weapon in a dramatic context, and explore the forms in which it is used.




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  • Picture: Alice Cavanagh and Scott Jackson