Dramatic Combat Courses

Captivate is Australia’s leading company in Dramatic Combat (or ‘Stage Combat’) training.  Our head tutor is Fight Director and Movement Director Lyndall Grant, one of Australia most respected stage combat practitioners.  We also frequently host workshops with nationally- and internationally-renowned creatives such as Nigel Poulton, Scott Witt, NJ-Price and Kevin McCurdy.  Training comes in a range of regular options, including weekend workshops, evening courses, intensive courses, and industry-endorsed certification courses.

We also offer stage combat intensive courses in the U.K.

In looking for dramatic combat training it is vital that you learn from an experienced professional fight director, who has a proven industry track record in safety and craft.  All of our tutors in Stage Combat are all certified Teachers and Fight Directors.

Why should I train in ‘Stage Combat’?

When working in film, theatre and mocap, any action or fight sequence inherently has a risk of injury.  No matter what kind of action you are performing, there are two main factors we need: Keep it SAFE, Make it EFFECTIVE.

These aren’t skills that you can pick up well ‘on the fly’, and something will always suffer in the balancing act between safety, technical accuracy and performance.  Training lets you give your best performance, look convincing in action and respond to what is asked of you from a director or fight co-ordinator.  Most importantly you can do all this while keeping yourself and others safe, so you are ready for the next take, the next scene, the next day and the next job.

Besides from learning the vital techniques of ‘illusion’ and fighting form, training dramatically enhances your movement, conditioning, awareness, and partner skills – so overall it absolutely widens your work potential.

Your next opportunities to train:

*Please note, all of our 2021 workshops will be run under strict COVID-Safe measures, in line with up-to-date Victorian Government Restrictions*

Longsword for Actors

Dates: Sunday 10th January 2021

Location: Melbourne, Australia.

What is it?:  A day to fully immerse yourself in the craft of performing longsword fights for stage.  Hosted by fight director Lyndall Grant, this workshop will lead you through balancing the safety, technical and performance elements that are crucial to taking the audience with you during a fight scene, and letting the fight ‘do its job’ on stage.



FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT Stage Combat Intensive

Dates: 29th March to 2nd April, 2021.

Location: Melbourne, Australia.

What is it?:  Finally back after our prolonged Covid-postponement… For our seventh glorious year, the FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT Stage Combat Intensive is your opportunity to dive into training in stage combat, screen combat, movement and action for an uninterrupted week.  Professional Fight Director Lyndall Grant will host a team of respected tutors in sharing skills, techniques and craft of this exciting area of performance.  Jump in with a great team of like-minded students from around the country.

This workshop welcomes students with all levels of experience.



Our Fight Family

We are proud to work with some of the friendliest, most open and enthusiastic tutors, fight directors and students.  We foster our fight community here in Australia and internationally, which is drawn together by mutual respect, curiosity and a zest for play.  Besides from the direct and wider professional skills you gain from our workshops, from your first session you also enter a network of like-minded colleagues and friends – which frequently opens doors you never actually knew existed.

Some of our previous and current Dramatic Combat tutors include:

Lyndall Grant (Australia, U.K.)

Andrew Young (U.K.)

Kristoffer Jorgensen (Norway, U.K.)

Nigel Poulton (Australia)

Scott Witt (Australia)

Felicity Steel (Australia)

N-J Price (Australia)

Tim Dashwood (Australia)

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  • Picture: Alice Cavanagh and Scott Jackson