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Spotlight Recognition

spotlight logoWe are delighted to announce that our Performance Capture Intensive course is now listed by Spotlight UK, as industry-recognised training.  Students who successfully complete the course are eligible to include the Captivate Performance Capture Artist skill on their professional CVs

This is the first (and only) training in performance capture to be recognised in this way in the U.K.

It is fantastic to see that the hard work, committment and expertise of our students can now be officially noted. Well done all!

Norway, Vienna, Birmingham, London, Melbourne…

Our work in the last few months has taken us all over the place in Europe, even as we are gearing up for another (Australian) Autumn in Melbourne.

In December we had the great pleasure to assist on Arctic Action‘s Mo-Cap and Stunt Aerial Course.  Run by Krisoffer Jørgensen, they were joined by Performance Capture Director Carrie Thiel, Stunt Co-ordinator Joe Perez, and our own Alex Counsell from the University of Portsmouth Motion Capture Studio running the system.  The whole event was made possible by sponsorship by Vicon.

Here’s a preview from participant Torri Birgisson:


‘New Reality’: Fight in 360°


Where theatre meets film


Recently Captivate had an amazing shoot with OWL VR, designing and performing action in 360° for their new Virtual Reality short film for the Oculus Rift.

The film is currently a finalist for Best Live Action Film at the VR Festival.

Photo 18-10-2015, 11 57 13

Above: Adrian Grove, Jason Bailey and Matthew Postlethwaite.

This is ground-breaking work, and the brain-child of Producer-Director Richard Cambridge.  The dramatic short was created specifically for the growing VR medium, and consciously explored production and story-telling techniques which enhance the 360° aspect.

Photo 18-10-2015, 08 56 29For the project, Richard pulled together a range of creatives to devise lighting, script, set, movement, sound, music and action in a way which complemented the technology with the story, to give the viewer a completely compelling and believable immersive experience.

Photo 18-10-2015, 11 36 52Above: make-up artist Leanna Biggs with actor Matthew Postlethwaite

Photo 18-10-2015, 09 11 15Fight Director Lyndall Grant headed the Captivate Team in designing the 360° fight action.  The process involved developing a new language in action story-telling, which drew upon experience and techniques from theatre, film and performance capture.  The advanced fight team on set included Cristian Cardenas, Haruka Kuroda, Dean Williams, Ian Smith, Amy Bolger and Janet Adams.

Photo 18-10-2015, 11 08 29Above: Kate Davies, Matthew Postlethwaite, Adrian Grove, Jason Bailey and Director Richard Cambridge.

The team worked alongside a fantastic cast which featured Matthew Postlethwaite, Kate Davies, Adrian Grove and Jason Bailey.  Huge thanks to all the team who were involved – it was an amazing shoot full and a pleasure to be part of such a dynamic team.

Photo 18-10-2015, 09 45 37

Above: Kate Davies

Contact for further information on the project and OWL VR.  Come Behind the Scenes with us on our social media sites:  facebook logo2  twitter logo@CAPTIVATEAction