Performance Capture Specialists.   Action Specialists.


Captivate Action specialises in direction, performance and training for Performance Capture (Motion Capture) and Dramatic Action.

We were the first UK and first Australian company to establish training for actors specifically for Performance Capture, and we continue to research and develop performance techniques for this exciting medium.

Our ongoing legacy of work in Dramatic Action in both the UK and Australia includes fight direction for screen, mocap and live performance, and training for actors in dramatic combat (‘stage combat’) and movement arts.

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Captivate’s team of highly-skilled creatives come from a range of backgrounds, including Fight Directors, Movement Directors, Dance Choreographers, Aerialists and Martial Artists.  Their past work spans a variety of projects, from local theatre to feature films such as The Lord of the RingsWorld War Z, Alexander and Kingdom of Heaven.

For each production, we bring experience, ingenuity and dedication to craft performances to what each project needs.

Ultimately it’s about finding the best way to deliver your unique artistic vision.

The Captivate Artist Team


The C.A.T. is an ensemble of elite performers who are specifically trained in Performance Capture, as well as being experienced stage and screen professionals.

We work hard to provide the right artists for each job, who understand the demands of the work and help streamline the process from pre-production through to post-.


Where are we?

Captivate has bases in the U.K. and Australia, with easy access to Europe.  We also have creatives who work in Canada.

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  • Photo: Lyndall Grant, Fight Director, Action Performer, Movement Performer.
  • Photographer: Ben Porter