Performance Capture Training

It is now not enough to have ‘done motion capture’.  Do you ‘do’ it well?

We have training options in Performance Capture (or ‘motion capture) available for performers of all experience levels – whether those stepping into the mo-cap suit for the first time, or for those experienced motion capture artists who would like to enhance their skills.  Captivate’s courses offer you the opportunity to train away from the pressure of a shooting schedule, where you can take time to explore, make mistakes and learn how to work to your best in this growing field.

  • The ‘Mo-Cap 101’ Workshop is an introduction to performing in the ‘mo-cap volume’, and is perfect for those just entering the field.
  • Our Performance Capture Intensive Courses offer in-depth training in physical performance and its application to Performance Capture, for those who would like to widen their skill base or who are pursuing a career as a Performance Capture Artist.

We also offer training for cast members who will work in motion capture, to introduce them to the technical and artistic considerations for their role.  Similarly we offer Professional Development sessions for Directors and Producers who would like to experiment and explore the possibilities and limitations of  ‘mo-cap’ prior to production.

For casts, directors and training institutions, we tailor the motion capture training to what you require.


Cast TrainingMo-cap 101Intensive Course

Follow the links above for more information on the training options you need, or get in touch for more information.