Tutors and Training

Captivate Action Ltd. has a team of highly experienced and innovative Tutors, who are also working directors and performers.

We provide training in Performance Capture (motion capture) to Performers, Directors and Creatives.  This is catered specifically to what each person needs: from a technical overview and production considerations, to what to expect when working on the mo-cap stage, to how to bring out the best performance in this medium.

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This training caters for those who are new to Performance Capture (and for example, who would like to gain insight and understanding into how this medium works before starting production), and also for those already experienced and who would like to expand their skills.


Director training sessions are set up on a tailored basis to cover what each person needs from the experience.  Individual sessions and small group session are available.

Performer training is available through our workshops and courses, or alternatively through private tuition.  We also provide sessions and courses to learning institutions.

Cast training is available for specific projects, catered again to what is required – whether to introduce performers to the medium, or give more specific skills training.

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Our tutors also provide specialist training in dramatic combat, movement, dance and acting for theatre, film and TV.

To arrange a training session, please email training@captivate-action.com

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Performers wishing to train with Captivate Action Ltd. in physical performance or Motion Capture: visit  our WORKSHOPS AND COURSES section or email artists@captivate-action.com






Past and Present Tutors:

Lyndall Grant: Dramatic Combat, Performance Capture technique, Movement, Acting

Gabrielle Moleta: Movement, Transformation

Alex Counsell: Technical Consultancy

Carrie Thiel: Performance Capture technique, Dramatic Combat

Scott Witt: Dramatic Combat

Felicity Steel: Dramatic Combat

Andrew Young: Dramatic Combat, Acting, Performance Capture technique

Amir Giles: Movement

Faisal Mian:  Taiji quan


For further enquires please get in touch


  • Photo: Faisal Ahmed Mian, 6th Generation Successor Wu Shi Taiji Quan, Martial Arts Performer
  • Photographer: Ben Porter