Production Services

Performance Capture Specialists.


Captivate Action Ltd. has an ensemble of dedicated professionals who are highly-skilled in Action and Movement – whether you need a choreographer, skilled performer, or experienced tutor to train your cast.

We work closely with you to provide the right creatives for each project.


All Captivate Artists – Directors, Actors and Tutors – are experienced in what works best for Performance Capture (or ‘Motion Capture’).

They are also highly skilled in physical performance for film, television and theatre.

What do you need?

Fight Directors CASTING
Movement Directors Tutors and Training



Fight Director – Lyndall Grant

Movement Director – Gabrielle Moleta

Dance Director – Amir Giles

Director of Acting – Michael Yale


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  • Photo: Amir Giles, Dance Director, Dance Performer.
  • Photographer: Ben Porter